About the Building

The Lincoln Building was built in 1910-11 as Lincolns' first high-rise.  In 2004 the major renovation project to convert the historic landmark into downtowns premier luxury living units was completed.  There have been many updates and refinish projects since then.    


"The First National Bank Building, constructed in 1910-11, is significant for its association with the First National Bank, a financial institution that was influential in the development of the city of Lincoln. The building also has architectural significance as a representative example constructed in the Commercial-style." ~ Nebraska State Historical Society website.  For a detailed historical narrative for this building refer to the National Register of Historic Places Registration Form filed in 1998 here: http://www.nebraskahistory.org/ histpres/ nebraska/ lancaster/ LC13-C08-299-1st-Nat-Bnk.pdf.  


Check out the image gallery of the buidling below including a couple 1910 Postcard images.